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My year on social media: Facebook

Working out which are your top Facebook posts is pretty tricky - required massive cutting and pasting, and then some number crunching, and even then I’m not sure of the results. However there is no doubt which of my 2017 Facebook posts got the most likes and the most comments, posted just after I got into work on April 26:

The second most liked post was a video from about a month later (video below, post is here):

I'm trying to get Facebook to reveal how many comments each post gets, but it seems to get shy after a certain number higher than 44. This post got 44 comments, which is the most my system can count to (though both of those mentioned above got more):

My most shared post - in that as far as I can tell, I was the first to post this news story in this form, and Facebook tells me it was shared 107 times, none of which seem to pre-date my post - was this one from earlier in the year:

Subject to the same caveats, I seem to have got 97 shares from posting this news article on one of the year's most memorable viral videos:

Not quite as successful as last year, when a picture that I posted of a young Bill and Hillary Clinton was shared five thousand times and my post on Brexit was shared five hundred times. But I think we could do without another year in politics like last year.


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