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Second frame of third page:

Open up! Open up!

I picked this up very cheap a few years ago - it's the Dutch translation of the first volume of the two-part bande dessinée series Lautremer, so far the only collaboration between Belgian writer Yves Leclercq and French artist Stéphane Heurteau. It's a nicely drawn story of early twentieth-century conspiracy, but I found the plot a bit Da Vinci code-ish (and not in a good way); and is the significance of the yachtsman being one Erskine Childers, in a story set ten years after the best known chap of that name had been shot and his son was busy running de Valera's newspaper? I'm not hugely motivated to seek out the second and final volume.

This was my top unread graphic story in a language other than English. Next on that pile is Ys de legende 1: Verraad, by Jean-Luc Istin and Dejan Nenadov.

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