Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Doctor Who: The American Adventures, by Justin Richards

Second paragraph of third story:
It had been a terrible accident: a whole section of the tunnel roof had collapsed suddenly, without any warning. Diggin a new subway under New York City was always going to be dangerous, but Pete never expected it to be this dangerous. He never expected three of his fellow workers to be killed in the process - and he certainly never expected to see one of them again, just a couple of months later.
A collection of six short stories featuring a companionless Twelfth Doctor visiting the USA at different points in history from 1815 to the present day. I’m afraid this is definitely at the potboiler end of Richards’ range (which is considerable: I think he overtook Terrance Dicks as the writer with most Doctor Who books to his credit some time ago). The Doctor has very little of Capaldi’s characterisation, and a couple of the stories are very weak plot-wise. Younger American fans will be please to have the Doctor visit their country, but there’s not much here for the rest of us.
Tags: bookblog 2017, doctor who, doctor who: 12, writer: justin richards

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