Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Diamond Dogs, by Mike Tucker

Second paragraph of third chapter:
That was good news. The sooner they realised that everything was running as it should, the sooner they would leave him [Delitsky] in peace. He was about to turn back to his instruments when he caught sight of Johanna Teske making her way across the control room towards him.
Given yesterday's demise of the Cassini probe in the atmosphere of Saturn, it was timely to read this Twelfth Doctor novel set in precisely that location, in a future where humans and their alien allies are mining the rains of pure diamonds that occur amidst the clouds. Tucker when on form is one of the best Who novelists writing at the moment, and here he is on form - great characterisation of the Doctor and Bill, a nice mystery saboteur plot which ends in a decent twist, loads of fan service for previous Who stories both Old and New, and tight writing. This was the first of the three Doctor-and-Bill novels this year (I accidentally read the second one already) and it's a good start.
Tags: bookblog 2017, doctor who, doctor who: 12, writer: mike tucker

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