Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), by Felicia Day

Second paragraph of third chapter:
My music studies were a big excuse for my being homeschooled, so I would theoretically have more time to practice and become a world-renowned soloist, traveling around the world in a red velvet coach. Unfortunately, I didn’t take it seriously enough to earn the coach, and my parents didn’t force me to try. Which I’m thankful for. I’ve met a lot of those kids whose parents crammed something down their throats trying to make baby geniuses. Even by my maladjusted standards, those kids were maladjusted.
This was one of the potential nominees for the Best Related Work Hugo last year whose place was taken by the slating of that category - not far behind Letters to Tiptree in total nominating votes. It was also second in the File 770 straw poll.

To be honest, it's mostly a fairly standard celebrity memoir. Day is funny and nerdy; I knew her from her appearance in the last season of Buffy (which she barely mentions) and from the Hugo-winning Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog; I also enjoyed the first part of her web series The Guild. Those who are more interested in her work than I am will really enjoy the book, and I found it entertaining enough.

I said "mostly". There is an impassioned chapter about the impact of Gamergate on Day's life. Within minutes of her making a public comment on how Gamergate was affecting her personally, she was doxxed by Gamergate activists as a blatant act of intimidation. It's a strong first-person account from someone who has considerable emotional and material resources, and still found it very difficult to cope with the impact. Shame on those who have nothing better to do than intimidate uppity women out of a shared space.

I'd still have voted for Letters to Tiptree, but this deserved a place on last year's ballot.

Tags: bookblog 2017, hugos 2016

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