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Dingle of the Husseys, Part 13

The armies reunite:
The twenty-fourth the Erle of Ormond came to us to Castel-Magne, in his route into Korke, bringing with him the Erle of Clancartie, O'Sullivan-Beare, O'Sullivan-More, O'Donoghuc-More, McFynin of the Kerrie, McDonogh, O'Keefe, O'Kallaghan, McAwley, and alle the rest of the L L [Lords] of Desmond, except O'Donoghue of Glantlesk, which was with the traytours. Manie of them do not obeye the Erle of Clancarty, and yet they came with the Erle of Ormonde, without pardon or protection, whose credit is great among them; and by whose example of loyaltie and faithfulnesse to her Majestie, they are greatlie drawne to theyr dutie, contrarie to the pernicious persuasions that hath been used to them. They humbly submitted themselves, humbly acknowledging their dedes, and swearing fealtie and allegiance to her Majestie, with profession from thence forth devotedlie to serve her, after a dutiful fashion, by the Erle of Ormonde these brought a prey of iooo kyne, and slewe fower principal gentlemen of the Mac Fyneens and O'Sullivans.
White was a protege of Ormond as well as of Cecil, and uses the opportunity to get a good word in for one patron with the other. Ormond was a cousin of the Queen and his loyalty was never in question.


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Jun. 27th, 2017 01:14 am (UTC)
" iooo kyne"

Kyne would be cattle, but is the first word onomatopoeia? Like "moo cows"? It can't be "1000", as that many cattle would devour all the vegetation in the region.
Jun. 27th, 2017 01:24 pm (UTC)
I think it does mean 1000 cattle. They were probably not very healthy!
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