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Second frame of third page:

(a bird steals a biscuit from Jeremiah's bag)
I asked a friend some time back which Flemish comic series he would recommend, and without too much hesitation he name Jeremiah, an extended story about the odyssey of Jeremiah and his buddy Kurdy through a post-apocalyptic America. So I got this volume, whose title translates as "The Rifle in the Water" and then lost it for several years, finding it only the other day in a big household cleanup.

I have to say I wasn't hugely impressed. Jeremiah and Kurdy encounter an extended family in the swamps, all of them pretty awful people with a secret to hide (there's a rifle in the water, and more besides). Lots of shooting and conspiring, but it didn't hugely engage me. I should possibly have tried the story from the beginning - or else just skipped it entirely.

This was my top unread non-English comic, and will be followed by another.

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