Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

A Fall of Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Charles Vess

Second stanza of third section ("Song of the Little Hairy Man"):
And when the night's all thundering
I shall not fear the thunder
Nor fear the mammoth's blundering,
nor bandits and their plundering
-- For "How much, we was wondering?"
I'll walk the wide world under.
This was part of the Neil Gaiman Humble Bundle, only 14 pages, published in 1999 and illustrated by Charles Vess. Most of it is a very short coming of age story about a girl and the significance of magpies; there are also three poems. The third poem is rather neat but the other two (including the one excerpted above) are rather slight.

This was left over from your recommendations for last year. Next on that list is The Habit of Loving, by Doris Lessing.
Tags: bookblog 2017, writer: neil gaiman

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