Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Twilight of the Gods, by Mark Clapham and John de Burgh Miller

Second paragraph of third chapter:
She woke in a sweat, her cotton nightshirt soaked and clammy. Her mouth was dry. Light streamed through the window, and there was the sound of raised voices outside. Morning. So much for a good night‟s sleep. Draining the glass of water by her bedside, she stumbled to the bathroom for a long, long soak. When she returned, she pulled on fresh clothes and towelled her hair, feeling far more human. The noises could still be heard outside, so she walked to the window and pulled open the curtains.
This is the very last of the Bernice Summerfield Virgin New Adventures, closing a series of 23 novels which I think is the longest sequence for any one companion (there are only 19 Torchwood books). It's decent enough but not great; it winds up the Gods storyline established earlier in the sequence, without really tying much into the books in between. Benny, Jason and Irving Braxiatel get some good moments, and there is a crazed cult bent on human sacrifice. The series doesn't really end with a bang, but it's not a whimper either.

That may be the end of the Virgin New Adventures, but there are a load more Bernice Sunmmerfield books published by Big Finish, starting with The Dead Men Diaries, an anthology edited by Paul Cornell.

Tags: bookblog 2016, doctor who, doctor who: companions: benny, writer: mark clapham
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