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Second speech of third story (The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel, by Christopher Cooper):

ACE: I plead total ignorance. You won't even tell me what I'm supposed to have done!

There was a time when I regularly blogged my Big Finish listening as well as my books here. I may try and pick up that habit again - which in itself may inspire me to go back and re-listen to the dozens of audios I have listened to but not noted over the last few years.

This was the December 2015 release of Big Finish's monthly range of audios, switching to the occasional format of four short pieces by four different authors rather than one long one. (Next month's release will be similar.) These all feature Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as the Seventh Doctor and Ace, both very much on form; the highest-profile guest star is John Culshaw, man of many voices, who plays the Porcian commander's wife Keith in the first story and the prosecutor in the third.

Of the four, we get off to a brilliant start with John Dorney's You Are The Doctor, an audio play in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style. It's funny and pushes the format of the usual Big Finish output to the edges; it's decently put together and very convincing in its own terms. The other three, Come Die With Me, by Jamie Anderson (son of Gerry and Sylvia), The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel, by Christopher Cooper and Dead to the World, by Matthew Elliott are all good enough - each dealing with crime and death in rather different ways (though I felt the revelation of the baddies' means and motivation in the last of them was a bit underwhelming), but You Are The Doctor is a mini-classic.

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