Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Year: 1996

Patrick over on Facebook gave me a year: 1996

My age then: 29
My age now: 49
Relationship status then - married to Anne since 1993
Relationship status now - married to Anne since 1993
Occupation then - 1996 was a year of change. In January I was an academic, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Irish Studies; in May I was an election candidate; from the summer I was a political adviser in the Northern Ireland peace talks; by December I had got a job implementing a US-funded democratisation in Bosnia, starting from January 1997.
Occupation now - public affairs consultant
Then I lived in Belfast, specifically at 32 Serpentine Parade
Now in Oud-Heverlee, near Leuven
Was I happy then? Yes, though uncertain of the future
Am I happy now? Yes
Kids then 0, though B was on her way by end of the year
Kids now 3
If you ask, I will give you a year.
Tags: life: autobiography

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