Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The Algebra of Ice, by Lloyd Rose

Second paragraph of third chapter:
‘Not our usual line, is it, sir?’ said Ramsey. ‘Hoaxes and all that.’ His tone was curious rather than dismissive.
Next in the internal sequence of Seventh Doctor novels outside the New Adventures (only four left after this, actually). Lloyd Rose is a particularly good Who writer, who has published no other written fiction as far as I can tell (she has a non-fiction piece in a 2013 Sherlock Holmes anthology, and a couple of TV scripts). This is the last of her works that I have come to, having already greatly enjoyed The City of the Dead and Camera Obscura (and her audio play Caerdroia). I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed this as well; it starts with the death of Edgar Allan Poe, and from then on there are a lot of balls in the air: crop circles, weird ice, the Brigadier, the Riemann hypothesis, Ace having a fling with a brilliant mathematician, the Doctor as a partlially successful manipulator; also the flavours of both the last TV seasons and the first New Adventure novels inform the narrative and combine for a very tasty treat. I'm not completely certain that I can really tell you what the book was about, but it satisfied me on a lot of levels.

Next in this sequence is Atom Bomb Blues, by Andrew Cartmel.

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