Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The letter meme

mountainkiss gave me M.

Something I hate: Myopia. I've had to wear glasses since I was six because I am very short-sighted. Glasses are expensive and they break. Now that my eyes are becoming middle-aged, I have to either peer through the lower half of my progressive lenses or take them off altogether and squint if I am reading small text; I daily encounter situations when neither option is really possible. I hate metaphorical myopia too, but the real thing has been a burden for over forty years.

Something I love: Marriage is jolly good fun, at least it has been for me. (I hope it has been for the other person most intimately involved!)

Somewhere I've been: Macedonia. Moldova. Montenegro. Malta. Manhattan. Mostar. Montreal. Munich. Milan. Maastricht. Mechelen. Moscow. Madrid. Macclesfield. Milton Keynes. Manchester (going again at the end of next week). The Mediterranean Sea.

Somewhere I'd like to go: The Marshall Islands, and their capital Majuro.

Someone I know: Marylou M (my aunt). Martin M (my uncle). Melanie M (who I introduced to her husband). Marianne Mikko (Estonian politician). Margarita M and Miriam M (former colleagues at CEPS). Mike M and Mark M (former colleagues at NDI). Markus Meckel (retired German politician). Mary-Teresa M (friend in European Commission). Michelle M (haven't actually met her yet, but recently married my friend A). Marina M (Serb journalist in Brussels). And for triple impact, Marie-Myrtille M who I met at a Brussels Tweetup. Apologies to any who I have missed.

A film I like: Gosh, I have seen so few films! No Metropolis, no Mad Max, no Mission Impossible, no Midnight in Paris. But I will skip over The Martian, The Matrix and The Mission to The Muppet Movie, still a source of great pleasure.

If you want a letter, ask!

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