Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Manuscript Found in a Milk Bottle, by Neil Gaiman

Seond paragraph of third section:
That, Mr. Pond, is no ordinary milk-float. That float has been rendered spaceworthy! As you said, what we are lacking in space travel today is a viable means of propulsion, and even then we are limited by the speed of light. But there is one substance which can travel faster than light —boiling milk, when it thinks you’re not looking!"
This was one of the many Neil Gaiman works made available a couple of weeks ago in the most successful Humble Bundle ever. Gaiman describes it as "my worst short story ever... It misfires in so many ways." The above paragraph, as it happens, captures the punchline of the story. It really isn't very good, is it?
Tags: bookblog 2015, writer: neil gaiman

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