Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

A Vampire Quintet, by Eugie Foster

Second paragraph of third story:
Maggie and Feng tried to wedge me between them, to keep Joe from noticing the shakes and twitches running in trails over my body. But even through my buzz, I could still count.
A short collection of short vampire stories by the late and much-missed Eugie Foster, each of which managed to cast the concept of vampires in a slightly different way - drawing on Buffy, of course, but also on other vampire tropes (I suspect including also Charlaine Harris, who I haven't read) and turning it into something different and original.

(In March last year, I copied the second paragraph of the third chapter of every book I read into my reviews, on an idea of manjushra's. I thought I'd try this again for September.)
Tags: bookblog 2015, writer: eugie foster

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