Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The Tragedy of the Goats, by Francis Hamit

I got to know Francis Hamit last year, when he was one of the regulars in the Loncon 3 press office, and wrote some very nice things about us afterwards.

The Tragedy of the Goats is a short ebook in which the narrator is head of security at a science fiction convention, and has to deal with drink, drugs, a seedy guest of honour, evangelical hotel guests, hostile hotel management, and the public disintegration of the marriage of two key team members. It's affectionate, and a little old-fashioned, and there's a mostly happy ending; and anyone who's been anywhere near running such an event will wince at least twice as the accuracy of his description hits home.

My thoughts are with those running Sasquan this coming week. Rather them than me. I recommend they leave reading this until it's over. Others should try it now.
Tags: bookblog 2015

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