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2015 Hugo voting: a final blogging roundup

As promised, I'm squeezing in a final survey of bloggers in the last 24 hours before Hugo voting closes. This final snapshot doesn't change the picture much; the three front-runners for Best Novel remain close to each other, and No Award remains in front in the other categories. To repeat a caveat from my previous post:
Again, I want to emphasise that this is a small self-selecting sample of voters. When I first carried out a survey like this in 2011, it did not flag any of the eventual winners as leading among bloggers. In 2013, I did not find a single blogger who declared that they had voted for the winner, Redshirts. I did better last year, with the winners either top or second in each of the categories surveyed.
I still have not found anyone giving their first preference for either The Darkness Between The Stars or "Championship B'Tok". I have found one person who will put "The Parliament of Beasts and Birds" at the top of their ballot; it's not terribly surprising who that is.

The colour coding of links reflects nothing more than when I picked them up. Those recorded in my first survey are in blue; those from my previous update in red; and those added today are in green. I have not delved deep into blog comments, so there may be more nuggets to mine.

Best Novel: 17 more votes here for a total of 49, and the result is that The Goblin Emperor and The Three-Body Problem remain neck and neck, with Ancillary Sword very close behind. There is still nobody claiming that they will vote for The Dark Between the Stars.

The Goblin Emperor (15-17): Ian Mond, Tim Atkinson, Reading SFF, Rachel Neumeier, maybe Cat Faber; Jon F. Zeigler, Admiral Naismith, Charles Stross, Martin Wisse, Laura Gjovaag, NiTessine; Rebekah Golden; Stephanie Gunn; slategrey; J.T. Richardson; Weasel King; maybe Melannen

The Three-Body Problem (15): Wombat-Socho, Vox Day, H.P., Bradley Armstrong, Joseph Tomaras, Nick Mamatas, Brian Z; Kat Jones, Andrew Hickey, Harold Carper; Carmestros Felapton, Kallen Kentner, Mark Ciocco, Liz Barr, Jonathan Edelstein

Ancillary Sword (11-13): Steve Davidson, Nicholas Whyte, John Snead, Lisa Goldstein, maybe Cat Faber; Timo Pietilä, Joe Sherry, Bonnie McDaniel, Rhiannon Thomas; Tony Cullen; Jennie Rigg; Ray Cunningham; maybe Melannen

Skin Game (3): Patrick May; John C. Wright, Doug Quixote

No Award (2): Michael Z. Williamson, Matt Foster

Best Novella: 15 new bloggers to add to the previous 30, for a total of 45, and No Award has a commanding lead. "Big Boys Don't Cry" is in joint second place with "One Bright Star To Guide Them". There is one voter who thinks she might vote for "The Plural of Helen of Troy". Those in my previous survey are in blue; new additions to the list should be in red.

No Award (29-30): Joseph Tomaras, Steve Davidson, Nicholas Whyte, Timo Pietila, Melina Dahms, Font Folly, Abigail Nussbaum, Laura Gjovaag, Marion, Lisa Goldstein, Cat Faber; Jon F. Zeigler, Kat Jones, ase, Michael Z. Williamson, NiTessine, Bonnie McDaniel, possibly Alex Pierce; Carmestros Felapton, Rhiannon Thomas, Matt Foster, Tony Cullen, Melannen, Jennie Rigg, Andrew Hickey, Tim Atkinson, Ray Cunningham, Weasel King, J.T. Richardson, Aaron Hughes

"Big Boys Don't Cry" (5): Chris Gerrib, Peter Enyeart, Brian Z; Harold Carper; Doug Quixote

"One Bright Star To Guide Them" (4-5): Vox Day, Nick Mamatas; Rich Horton, Mark Ciocco; maybe John C. Wright

"Pale Realms of Shade" (3-4): Rachel Neumeier, Joe Sherry; H.P.; maybe John C. Wright

"Flow" (2): Patrick May; David Steffen

"The Plural of Helen of Troy" (0-2): possibly Alex Pierce; maybe John C. Wright

Best Novelette: 19 more votes here, for a total of 51. No Award has close to half of them, and "The Day The World Turned Upside Down" has pulled ahead of "The Triple Sun" for second place, with "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium" not very far behind either. Still nobody who admits voting for "Championship B'Tok".

No Award (23): Andrew Hickey, Kat Jones, Nicholas Whyte, Melina Dahms, Timo Pietilä, Laura Gjovaag, Abigail Nussbaum, Brian Z, Lisa Goldstein, Cat Faber and Steve Davidson; ase (probably), Michael Z. Williamson, Alex Pierce; Carmestros Felapton; Aaron Pound; Matt Foster; Tony Cullen; Melannen; Jennie Rigg; Tim Atkinson; Jonathan Edelstein; probably Kallen Kentner

"The Day The World Turned Upside Down" (10-11): Font Folly, Russell Blackford, Chris Gerrib, maybe Marion; Charlotte Ashley; Kallen Kentner, Ray Cunningham, Weasel King, Aaron Hughes, Russell Blackford

"The Triple Sun" (8-9): Kiesa, Rachel Neumeier, Mark Ciocco, Joe Sherry, Joseph Tomaras, Peter Enyeart maybe Marion; Jon F. Zeigler; Vox Day, Doug Quixote

"Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium" (6): Nick Mamatas; Bonnie McDaniel, Harold Carper (probably); Jonathan Edelstein, J.T. Richardson, David Steffen

"The Journeyman: In The Stone House" (3): Patrick May; H.P., Rich Horton

Best Short Story: Again, 17 more votes here, taking this total to 52, the largest for any of the categories. No Award has extended its lead, with "Totaled" the only other entry that has really registered much support.

No Award (30-31): Andrew Hickey, Katya Czaja, Timo Pietilä, Melina Dahms, Martin Petto, Nicholas Whyte, Steve Davidson, Font Folly, Abigail Nussbaum, Laura Gjovaag, Nick Mamatas, Brian Z, Lisa Goldstein, Cat Faber; Kat Jones, Aaron Pound, ase (almost certainly), Michael Z. Williamson, Alex Pierce, Bonnie McDaniel; Carmestros Felapton, Matt Foster, Tony Cullen, Melannen, Jennie Rigg, Liz Barr, Tim Atkinson, Ray Cunningham, Weasel King, Aaron Hughes, maybe Kallen Kentner

"Totaled" (12-13): Mark Ciocco, Liz Barr, Chris Gerrib, Rachel Neumeier, Patrick May, Joseph Tomaras, Russell Blackford, Peter Enyeart; Jon F. Zeigler; Jonathan Edelstein, J.T. Richardson, Russell Blackford, maybe Kallen Kentner

"A Single Samurai" (4-5): H.P., Rich Horton, possibly Harold Carper; Doug Quixote, David Steffen

"Turncoat" (2-3): Vox Day, Vivienne Raper; possibly Harold Carper

"On a Spiritual Plain" (1): Joe Sherry

"The Parliament of Beasts and Birds" (1): John C. Wright

As before, please let me know if I have misrepresented your vote, or misused your preferred online handle, in the list above. I am sure that a few more ballots will be posted online in the next day or so, but I don't plan to update this post (apart from correcting errors).
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