Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The Startup of You, by Reid Hoffmann and Ben Canocha

I do like to read the odd personal development book sometimes, but in general I like them more than this one, which summarises its approach thus:
How do you survive and thrive in this fiercely competitive economy? You need a whole new entrepreneurial mindset and skill set. Drawing on the best of Silicon Valley, The Start-Up of You helps you accelerate your career and take control of your future–no matter your profession.
The authors mock the What Color Is Your Parachute approach of establishing a clear desired vision, and urge instead an aggressively flexible approach of constantly rethinking your priorities, which to me sounds like an awful lot of work. It seemed to me full of assumptions about personal values and experiences which will apply only to a small subset of people, most of whom are either already very well off or are already well-placed to become so. There is no harm in encouraging people to think creatively, and some of the ideas about networking are actually rather good, but I don't recommend this particularly strongly.
Tags: bookblog 2015, personal development

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