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Apr. 18th, 2015 07:00 am (UTC)
I'm a paid-up member of one of the UK's most pro-voting party (it's in our name, for Mill's sake), but I don't agree with that argument against not voting. At least, I think it's only part of the story, and misses some important points. Firstly, if I vote for a party, my vote is taken (by the media and that party's spin doctors) and a positive endorsement both of that party's policies and of the current political process. I might not want that. I'm not saying that not voting is taken as a strong indictment of anything, because the media and current political parties certainly don't talk about that much - the article's right about that - but not voting is still not providing a positive endorsement.

I also believe that a large pool of non-voters gives political parties a reason to at least try to find a way of engaging with or appealing to them - not everyone assumes that such voters will be out of the system forever.

But yes. I'm a Liberal Democrat, and I believe that the right not to vote is important, respect it as a choice, and think it should be reported more widely.
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