Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Thursday reading

One thing I've been doing this week is polishing off the Clarke Award backlist, reading the first 50 pages of books that I had not got around to earlier in the process. One of them was so enjoyable that I read it to the end, but it was clearly not science fiction. None of the others were shortlist material either. Just a few more to go...

Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy (a chapter a day)
Watership Down, by Richard Adams (a chapter a week)
Scales of Gold, by Dorothy Dunnett
Here's One I Wrote Earlier, by Peter Purves

Last books finished
μ4 - 50 pages 
ν4 - 50 pages 
ξ4 - 50 pages
ο4 - 50 pages
Timeless by Steve Cole
π4 - 50 pages
ρ4 - 50 pages
σ4 - 60 pages
τ4 - enjoyed this so much that I read it to the end
Ship of Fools, by Dave Stone
υ4 - 50 pages
φ4 - 50 pages 
χ4 - 50 pages
Lethbridge-Stewart: Top Secret Files, by Andy Frankham-Allen, Nick Walters, Graeme Harper and David A. McIntee
ψ4 - 50 pages
ω4 - 50 pages
Kushiel's Justice, by Jacqueline Carey
α5 - 50 pages
β5 - 50 pages
γ5 - 50 pages
δ5 - 50 pages
ε5 - 50 pages

Last week's audios
The Romance of Crime, by Gareth Roberts, adapted by John Dorney

Next books
The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Stopping for a Spell, by Diana Wynne Jones

Books acquired in last week
Tales from the Secret Annexe, by Anne Frank
De dagboeken van Anne Frank; wetenschappelijke editie
The Ragged Astronauts, by Bob Shaw
Ms Marvel, vol 1: No Normal, by G. Willow Wilson et al
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