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What is the best-known book set in San Marino?

See note on methodology

Very slim pickings here. The most popular work of fiction with much of a San Marino presence - and it's a lot less than half of the book, which is mainly set in Milan - an alternate history in which the USSR won the Cold War, and our plucky young heroes attempt subversion. Fifth in a series of typically doorstop novels, it is:

The Gladiator, vol 5 of the Crosstime Traffic series, by Harry Turtledove

I suspect that the best I can do - other than guidebooks and travel books, which I have to say feel like cheating - is a 1976 Mills and Boon romance, a genre that hasn't figured very much in these lists. The blurb is enlightening:
Clare Yorke arrives in the tiny Italian republic of San Marino expecting to marry Bruno Cavour. But when Bruno and his family decide that marriage isn't such a good idea, Clare is stranded in a foreign country with no job and no fiancé.
Imagine that! No fiancé!
To her rescue arrives the handsome Tarquin Roscuro. He offers Clare a post and takes her mind off Bruna. Once again, Clare finds herself falling in love. But will her affections be returned? Can she hope for marriage? Or does another woman, namely the attractive Jaquetta Fiore, stand in the way of a passionate romance?
It's difficult to imagine how this book will end: the plot appears utterly unpredictable to me. If you want to find out what happens to Clare, you must read:

Smoke Into Flame, by "Jane Arbor" [Eileen Norah Owbridge]

Grateful for any other leads. (I think.)

Just one more to go...
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