Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

BSFA short fiction

There are only three nominees this year, all by women. I'm voting for "The Mussel Eater", by Octavia Cade, a magical realist fairy tale; you are in little doubt where the story is going from the first few paragraphs, but it's very well told.

I was not as impressed by "The Honey Trap", by  Ruth M.J. Booth. There were a couple of jarring tone shifts in the middle of key scenes, and (perhaps I was just too tired while reading it) I wasn't actually sure what we were meant to understand had happened at the end. But I'm glad I read it.

Last year, I didn't vote for a Hugo nominee who endorsed acid attacks. I am applying the same to my BSFA votes. That is all.
Tags: bsfa 2014
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