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Jan. 2nd, 2015 08:06 am (UTC)
The NYPD's 'Work Stoppage' looks like a targeted interdiction of revenues.

The next question is: does it matter enough to hurt City Hall?

Ferguson, Missouri would have a problem with a policing revenue stoppage, but it won't happen there: the local PD would be starving themselves of funds. Economic incentives aren't sovereign, but they do matter (plus, of course, they are what they do, and would not choose to stop)...

...And we're talking about New York.

Arethe NYPD doing something politically effective? It doesn't look that way to an outsider - it looks petty and stupid and counterproductive - but it might look very different to someone who knows their way around City Hall. Local politics is about factions and favours and influence, with an occasional sideshow of public participation; and an effective political act might not involve democratic channels at all.

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