Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My year on Facebook

There have been a couple of algorithms going around which purport to tell you what your most successful posts on Facebookwere this year. I'm not wildly convinced by any of them, and have resorted to hand-counting the stats for each entry. If I have counted right, my most "liked" Facebook post of the last year was the one in which I announced my change of job on 21 October:

Some way behind were my posts on becoming a judge for the Arthur C. Clarke Award:

And the picture of our family taken on Christmas day last year:

In terms of shares, I had quite unlooked-for viral success with this picture which was picked up by more than 400 people (that is, directly from me; many more will have saved it locally and passed it on):

Followed some way behind by this, snagged from a cousin (and presumably including shares from her and her source too):

And this, which I still find terribly pleasing:

The top two posts for comments were the new job and the family picture. In third place was this bit of 1990s nostalgia, which it seems I can't embed because it is sharing someone else's photo. (And also includes a Minister of the Crown.)

I'm going to watch the celebrity version now.
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