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The by-election in the House of Lords

(All staments taken from the official House of Lords Notice of 15 September.)

Why you should vote for Merlin Charles Sainthill Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley, in his own words:

Why you should vote for Hugh Francis Savile Crossley, 4th Baron Somerleyton, in his own words:

Why you should vote for John David Clotworthy Whyte-Melville Foster Skeffington, 14th Viscount Massereene and 7th Viscount Ferrard (who if elected will sit by virtue of his junior title, Baron Oriel), in his own words:

Why you should vote for Francis David Ormsby-Gore, 6th Baron Harlech, in (some of) his own words:

Why you should vote for Charles Rodney Muff, 3rd Baron Calverley, in his own words:

Why you should vote for Anthony Nicholas Colin Maitland Biddulph, 5th Baron Biddulph, in his own words:

Why you should vote for John Anthony Cadman, 3rd Baron Cadman, in his own words:

[Edited] The winner of this election, which will be decided by the votes of an unelected legislature, will join the ranks of about 90 men and two women who, by virtue of the fact that their ancestors were politicians, will sit in the parliament of an EU member state and a nuclear power for life.


Sep. 23rd, 2014 07:30 pm (UTC)
I check candidate Web sites for elections here in San Diego before the election. I've seen a few candidates who had no Web site, and a lot whose Web sites very carefully didn't take any positions on anything more controversial than being in favor of good schools and financially responsible government.

A number of years ago, back when California still allowed write-in votes, I got mail from a candidate who was running for some local office. She spelled out in detail that the two ballot candidates were respectively in favor of the right to abortion, and opposed to abortion but not seriously committed to doing anything about it, whereas she was seriously anti-abortion. I was tempted to send her a note of thanks for helping me decide who to vote for—which was the candidate who was in favor of the right to abortion. . . .

I think a lot of people run for office who are Not Clear On The Concept.

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