Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

June Books 13) Trading Futures, by Lance Parkin

Oh dear. I was actually on the verge of catching up with bookblogging here a week or so ago. but now it's the third last day of June, and I have a dozen unread books to write up here (plus another two that I won't). Time to crack on, then...

I am not always a big fan of Lance Parkin, but I rather enjoyed Trading Futures. Good old Anji, the longest-running non-white Who companion (Feb '01-Aug '03, compared with Martha's single season run, generously extensible to one and a bit) gets a proper story here where the Doctor and Fitz are rather in the background, and she gets both a James Bond-like storyline and a wee bit of character development. There are various other nods to both Bond and Who continuity, and some deliberately crap aliens. I don't claim it as Great Literature, but I was very entertained, if not quite as much as by the previous 8th Doctor novel.
Tags: bookblog 2014, doctor who, doctor who: 08, writer: lance parkin
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