Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Not making that mistake again

Last May I gloated that having had the flu jab the previous November (ie 2012), I hadn't needed time off work for anything more serious than jet lag since.

Apart from back trouble and a one-day tummy bug, that was still true up till last Wednesday. But that morning both Anne and I went down simultaneously with the nasty infection that young F had been struggling through for the previous weeks. I was able to work from home for most of Wednesday and Friday, and even struggled into the office on Thursday afternoon after a morning asleep in bed, but I am utterly pole-axed today. (Anne is a little better, but this is not saying much.) I also appear to have infected my office-mate.

I vowed last year that we would make sure to all get the flu jab before the winter, but we were travelling a lot in November 2013, and somehow just didn't get around to it. Having been spared the flu for an unprecedented two years, I had forgotten just how miserable it is. Well, that's one mistake I'm not making again.
Tags: ooogh

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