Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

January Books 21) The Death Pit, by A.L. Kennedy

Here's a total surprise: the BBC are following up last year's sequence of short ebooks featuring each Doctor in succession with another series of short ebooks, under the name Time Trips, also to be written by well-known writers. I don't know how I had missed them - this first one was published in December, and the next, published in January, is by Jenny Colgan.

Anyway, the estimable Scottish writer and comedian A.L. Kennedy has written a short but entertaining romp, with Tom Baker's Doctor (very much in his Tom Baker persona) investigating strange and 'oribble goings-on on a bunker of a Scottish golf course; there's bad management and good romance as well, all in a nice short package. A good start to this series.

Tags: bookblog 2014, doctor who, doctor who: 04

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