Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My 2013 on Facebook

Facebook is loathsomely opaque when it comes to retrieving information about any discussions you've been involved with. But they are featuring a "Year in Review" app which delivers supposedly your 20 top posts from 2013, mine being as follows:

The official White House reply to a petition to build the Death Star.
(21 January; 23 likes, 2 comments, 6 shares)

Danijela's birthday
(22 January; 32 likes, 7 comments)

"Under a car park?"
(4 February; 62 likes, 5 comments, 41 shares)

My pictures from Gallifrey One
(21 February; 14 likes, 10 comments)

The illuminated Atomium
(9 March; 30 likes, 2 comments, 1 share)

Being Clement Attlee
(17 April; 21 likes, 11 comments)

Vintage Dutch safety posters
(10 May; 14 likes, 4 comments, 3 shares)

Combined joy
(18 May; 20 likes, 1 comment)

(3 June; 16 likes, 7 comments, 4 shares)

William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke
(28 June; 15 likes, 8 comments)

"the Croats have us by the throat"
(2 July; 12 likes, 2 comments, 2 shares)

South Sudan [in happier times]
(9 July; 32 likes, 2 comments)

Office drinks
(23 July; 22 likes, 6 comments)

Miley Cyrus
(27 August; 11 likes, 7 comments)

Tom Baker's biggest memory of Doctor Who
(14 November; 40 likes, 1 comment, 6 shares - this was a much bigger hit on Twitter)

My son and I appear in the Five(ish) Doctors
(24 November; 44 likes, 12 comments)

Berlaymont flags at half-mast for Mandela
(6 December; 46 likes, 3 comments)

My Christmas present
(24 December; 48 likes, 16 comments)

Happy Christmas!
(25 December; 84 likes, 3 comments)

Family portrait
(25 December; 209 likes, 38 comments)

The algorithm doesn't seem to include the last 24 hours' worth of posts; I've had an extraordinary viral success overnight with a snapshot of a New Statesman article about the Daily Mail which I found on Twitter and uploaded to Facebook - it has now been shared 111 times, apparently, but only 11 of those are by people I know (one of whom, admittedly, is an MEP). Also 53 likes (which is more than all but three of the above) and 10 comments. I would of course prefer if Facebook would give me access to my own data so I could crunch it to my own satisfaction. This is what will doom them in the end. I hope.
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