Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My year on Twitter, by @nwbrux

A picture is worth a thousand words, or at least can graph the impact of 2,845 tweets since my last roundup on 15 December last year.


Basically my Tom Baker tweet of five weeks ago has broken all records, with 1,074 retweets and perhaps over 600,000 impressions directly, plus an unknown number (maybe 20% more, maybe 40%) who picked it up and modified it.

As I said at the time, my only regret was not giving more prominence to the source. It's difficult to imagine that I will equal that level of virality again any time soon.

Up till then, my most retweeted tweet of all time was this one, a mere 92 retweets which still eclipsed my previous record of 33:

Not quite so many retweets for this one a couple of weeks later (86 rather than 92), but slightly better eyeball numbers (about 100,000 rather than 40,000, thanks largely to Charles Stross and Nick Harkaway) for a tribute to a favourite author:

The Tom Baker tweet got 43 direct replies, which is another record. Two other tweets managed 7, one a completely inaccurate prediction about the Mid Ulster by-election, and one where the replies may look like an irrelevant trolling of a Foursquare checkin with commentary about Somali politics, but it's actually a fair cop as I was at the cafe for a public meeting about Somali politics. Seven was also the previous year's record.

I am up from 1,296 followers on 15 December last year to 1,625 today.
Tags: social media, twitter

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