Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

On the other hand, the Afterparty...

The BBC3 Doctor Who Afterparty included some of the worst television I have seen for a long time. (I don't watch much television of course.) Someone on Twitter commented that:

The awful interview with One Direction (whoever the heck they are) was the lowest point - a technically disastrous chat with C-list musicians who hadn't actually seen the episode - but almost every segment with co-presenter Rick Edwards (a Pembroke NatSci, I note) was simply unwatchable. The Tom Baker interview, which came early, seemed a little bizarre at the time, but in retrospect he had simply worked out rather rapidly something that took the rest of us a bit longer; he has never suffered fools gladly.

Some of the other pre-filmed sequences were actually OK - I cheered to see both Jackie Lane and Freema Agyeman, adjacent to each other, and the montages of past episodes were rather tastefully assembled - but we kept coming back to the studio where the awful Edwards was pushing Katie Manning aside with his bum. Samira Ahmed summed it all up:

But my friend Ian got one of his tweets read out on air, so there is some justice.
Tags: doctor who
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