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50 years of Who: 2011


Space / Time
The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon
The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor's Wife
The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People
A Good Man Goes to War
Let's Kill Hitler
Night Terrors
The Girl Who Waited
The God Complex
Closing Time
The Wedding of River Song
Night and the Doctor
Death is the Only Answer
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Sarah Jane: Sky
Sarah Jane: The Curse of Clyde Langer
Sarah Jane: The Man Who Never Was
Torchwood: Miracle Day

Books and original audiobooks
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2012 (11)
Doctor Who IDW Annual 2011 (11)
Doctor Who The Brilliant Book 2012 (11)
Dead of Winter (11)
The Way Through the Woods (11)
Hunter's Moon (11)
Touched by an Angel (11)
Paradox Lost (11)
Borrowed Time (11)
The Silent Stars Go By (11)
The Jade Pyramid (11)
The Gemini Contagion (11)
The Hounds of Artemis (11)
The Eye of the Jungle (11)
Blackout (11)
Heart of Stone / Death Riders (11)
The Good, the Bad and the Alien / System Wipe (11)
Alien Adventures: The Underwater War / Rain of Terror (11)
Sightseeing in Space: Web in Space / Terminal of Despair (11)
The Prison In Space (2)
Department X (Torchwood)
Ghost Train (Torchwood)
First Born (Torchwood)
Long Time Dead (Torchwood)
The Men Who Sold The World (Torchwood)
Children of Steel (Sarah Jane)
Judgement Day (Sarah Jane)

The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
The Feast of Axos
Industrial Evolution
Heroes of Sontar
Kiss of Death
Rat Trap
Recorded Time and Other Stories
The Doomsday Quatrain
House of Blue Fire
The Silver Turk
The Witch from the Well
Army of Death
Thin Ice
Crime of the Century
Earth Aid
The Elite
The Children of Seth
Prisoner of the Sun
Lucie Miller Part 1
To the Death Part 2
Peri and the Piscon Paradox
The Perpetual Bond
The Forbidden Time
The Sentinels of the New Dawn
Ferril's Folly
The Cold Equations
The Three Companions / The Mists of Time / Freakshow
Tales from the Vault
The Rocket Men
The Memory Cheats
The Many Deaths of Jo Grant
The First Wave
Beyond the Ultimate Adventure
The Five Companions
Short Trips - Volume 2
Short Trips - Volume 3
Short Trips - Volume 4
Serpent Crest: Tsar Wars
Serpent Crest: The Broken Crown
Serpent Crest: Aladdin Time
Serpent Crest: The Hexford Invasion
Serpent Crest: Survivors in Space
Bernice Summerfield, Epoch: The Kraken's Lament
Bernice Summerfield, Epoch: The Temple of Questions
Bernice Summerfield, Epoch: Private Enemy No. 1
Bernice Summerfield, Epoch: Judgement Day
Jago & Litefoot:  Litefoot and Sanders
Jago & Litefoot:  The Necropolis Express
Jago & Litefoot:  The Theatre of Dreams
Jago & Litefoot:  The Ruthven Inheritance
Jago & Litefoot:  Dead Men's Tales
Jago & Litefoot:  The Man at the End of the Garden
Jago & Litefoot:  Swan Song
Jago & Litefoot:  Chronoclasm
Gallifrey:  Reborn
Gallifrey:  Disassembled
Gallifrey:  Annihilation
Gallifrey:  Forever
Torchwood: The Devil and Miss Carew
Torchwood: Submission
Torchwood: House of the Dead

The first Who from 2011 that I encountered: An excellent start to a better year for the Big Finish Companion Chronicles, with Peri and the Piscon Paradox. I was 43.

My favourite Who from 2011: Well, The Doctor's Wife was always going to be a favourite, and remains so. Rewatching the TV stories I found they were better than I remembered, thought the series was not quite equal to the sum of its parts. Peri and the Piscon Paradox was my favourite audio of the year, though there were many excellent plays in the various BF series, the two Jago and Litefoot sequences being perhaps a high point. Torchwood: Miracle Day was OK on TV, but had a super prequel in James Goss's novel First Born (and the audio House of the Dead gave poor Ianto some good closure). Two more very good books at the end of the year: Dan Abnett's The Silent Stars Go By and once again the Brilliant Book, with James Goss's Vastra/Jenny origin story.

Moving swiftly on from: Paradox Lost, though the audio version is lifted by Nick Briggs' narration; Hunter's Moon also pretty poor.

So, what was your favourite of the above? What is the best bit? (And if you like, what is the worst bit?)

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