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50 years of Who: 2007


Smith and Jones
The Shakespeare Code
Daleks in Manhattan
Evolution of the Daleks
The Lazarus Experiment
Human Nature
The Family of Blood
The Sound of Drums
Last of the Time Lords
The Infinite Quest
Time Crash
Voyage of the Damned
Torchwood: Captain Jack Harkness
Torchwood: End of Days
Sarah Jane: Invasion of the Bane
Sarah Jane: Revenge of the Slitheen
Sarah Jane: Eye of the Gorgon
Sarah Jane: Warriors of Kudlak
Sarah Jane: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Sarah Jane: The Lost Boy

Books and original audiobooks
Doctor Who Storybook 2008 (10)
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2008 (10)
Sting of the Zygons (10)
The Last Dodo (10)
Wooden Heart (10)
Forever Autumn (10)
Sick Building (10)
Wetworld (10)
Wishing Well (10)
The Pirate Loop (10)
Peacemaker (10)
Made of Steel (10)
Decide Your Destiny: The Spaceship Graveyard (10)
Decide Your Destiny: Alien Arena (10)
Decide Your Destiny: The Time Crocodile (10)
Decide Your Destiny: The Corinthian Project (10)
Decide Your Destiny: The Crystal Snare (10)
Decide Your Destiny: War of the Robots (10)
Decide Your Destiny: Dark Planet (10)
Decide Your Destiny: The Haunted Wagon Train (10)
Short Trips: Destination Prague
Short Trips: Snapshots
Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas
Another Life (Torchwood)
Border Princes (Torchwood)
Slow Decay (Torchwood)
Invasion of the Bane (Sarah Jane)
Revenge of the Slitheen (Sarah Jane)
Eye of the Gorgon (Sarah Jane)
Warriors of Kudlak (Sarah Jane)
The Glittering Storm (Sarah Jane)
The Thirteenth Stone (Sarah Jane)
The Two Jasons (Benny)
Nobody's Children (Benny)
Missing Adventures (Benny)

Circular Time
Renaissance of the Daleks
I.D. & Urgent Calls
Exotron & Urban Myths
The Wishing Beast & The Vanity Box
Frozen Time
Son of the Dragon
The Mind's Eye & Mission of the Viyrans
The Girl Who Never Was
Blood of the Daleks Part 2
Horror of Glam Rock
Immortal Beloved
No More Lies
Human Resources Part 1
Human Resources Part 2
Fear of the Daleks
The Blue Tooth
The Beautiful People
Mother Russia
Helicon Prime
Old Soldiers
Return to the Web Planet
Bernice Summerfield: The Tub Full of Cats 
Bernice Summerfield: The Judas Gift 
Bernice Summerfield: Freedom of Information 
Bernice Summerfield: The End of the World 
Bernice Summerfield: The Final Amendment
Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless (first three parts)>

The first Who from 2007 that I encountered: We watched Sarah Jane's debut episode, Invasion of the Bane, on New Year's Day. I was 39.

My favourite Who from 2007: Blink is still my favourite TV episode ever. But my favourite moment has to be the reveal at the end of Utopia. Big Finish's peaks this year were with the new Companion Chronicles range, where I really liked three of the first four. A surprise hit for me are the three Torchwood novels, getting this range off to a very strong start.

Moving swiftly on from: Big Finish had a less good year this year, and I gave poor marks to Nocturne, Valhalla and No More Lies. But the worst of all is the dreadful Torchwood season finale shown on New Year's Day.

So, what was your favourite of the above? What is the best bit? (And if you like, what is the worst bit?)

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Nov. 11th, 2013 05:31 am (UTC)
My favorite is the Dalek sequence (Manhattan/Evolution).

Overall, this is the weakest of 10's seasons IMCGO. It managed to cram three of my least-liked episodes ever into a single sequence (Human Nature, Family of Blood, and Blink) and several of the other eps were nothing to write home about. I think this was also my least-enjoyed finale of the New Who, but if I have to choose a "worst", it's "Blink". Gave us the ludicrous Weeping Angels, whose every appearance fills me with nerd rage at their stupidity and munchkinism, and whose episodes are exercises in Idiot-Ball carrying either by the Angels or by the characters.
Nov. 12th, 2013 08:32 am (UTC)
I fear you're in a minority with Blink, Ryk. While I wouldn't call it the best hour of television ever, I join the majority in considering it one of the finest single episodes of Who.

The Family of Blood two-parter suffered from two different sorts of mawkishness -- WWI and the whole obvious, cliched "human Doctor falls in love". It's still worth watching for the wonderfully creepy villains and the sense of tragedy.

Doug M.
Nov. 12th, 2013 11:46 am (UTC)
I know I'm in a minority with Blink (as I am in the next year with respect to Midnight). Both of those were Hugo eps. Doesn't affect my opinion. I *detest* the Angels; they're glass cannons taken to the extreme, and subsequent episodes make them inconsistent with themselves in areas that make me tear my hair out. Inconsistency in Who generally doesn't bother me, but when the *basic postulates* of your creatures undergo major changes within each individual episode featuring them? Grrr. Plus no one even *attempts* the obvious ways of dealing with the things -- not even to the extent of saying WHY they don't, which would at least address the problem.

Family of Blood also suffered from extreme Martha Abuse, and the fact that as a story it was originally meant for Doc 7 and Ace. It was an okay story for those two, but not for Doc 10. Plus I am of course averse to tragedy.
Nov. 12th, 2013 08:41 am (UTC)
This was the weakest season of New Who IMO. There's Blink, which is great and all. But the three-parter at the end was a major disappointment. (Really, a curate's egg -- because parts of it /were/ excellent. Derek Jacoby, the Doctor's conversation with Captain Jack, the final goodbye... all excellent. But overall, it was silly and made no sense and threw away a potentially wonderful version of the Master.) In between those two poles, a lot of "meh" -- it's really hard to get excited one way or another about "42" or "The Shakespeare Code". "Smith and Jones" was a solid opening, I guess.

Doug M.
Nov. 12th, 2013 11:47 am (UTC)
While I *loved* The Shakespeare Code. One of the most fun episodes I've seen in New Who. Maybe not one of the *best* episodes, but loads of fun.

It occured to me later that the version of Shakespeare shown in that episode reminds me somehow of Tony Stark.
Nov. 15th, 2013 01:23 pm (UTC)
I wish desperately that Martha hadn't gotten such shoddy treatment. I liked her so much, and she was just so badly used, both by the show and by the Doctor.

That said, I love the Doctor's story in Human Nature/Family of Blood (not least for the payoff at the end of Ten's run!), and I loved Blink. And the Master broke my heart, in the end. His death is probably my favorite moment of this season.
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