Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Wednesday reading

Royal Assassin, by Robin Hobb
The Queen's Bastard, by C.E. Murphy
[Doctor Who] Just War, by Lance Parkin
Home Truths, by Freya North
A Murder Is Announced, by Agatha Christie

Last books finished
The Books of Magic, by Neil Gaiman
Clean: An Unsanitised History of Washing, by Katherine Ashenburg
The Theology of the Gospel of Mark, by W. R. Telford
[Doctor Who] The Suns of Caresh, by Paul Saint
The Body in the Library, by Agatha Christie

Next books
The Subtle Knife, by Phil Pullman
The Moment of Eclipse, by Brian Aldiss
A Book Of Silence, by Sara Maitland
The Year Of Intelligent Tigers, by Kate Orman

Books acquired in last week
Planesrunner, by Ian McDonald
Be My Enemy, by Ian McDonald
A Murder Is Announced, by Agatha Christie
Tags: weekly reading blog
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