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April Books 3) Summer Falls by 'Amelia Williams' (James Goss)

'I'm just looking after the museum for a friend. I guess you could call me the Curator. How does that sound'? He looked at her eagerly.
'Not very good,' admitted Kate. 'Don't you have a name?'
I'm between names at the moment.' The man looked sheepish. 'I am having a holiday from them.'
Last week's Doctor Who episode had a child reading a book called Summer Falls, by Amelia Williams - obviously a reference to recently departed companion Amy Pond, that being her married name. The BBC have released this as an ebook, as was done with the Melody Malone book from The Angels Take Manhattan (The Angel's Kiss) last year. This time round, though, it's very definitely meant to be the same book that we see on screen (The Angel's Kiss definitely was just another book by the same name, not the one read by the Doctor and Amy on screen). It's an excellent spooky story of young Kate in a West Country seaside village in the 1950s (though the local technology seems to date it more recently), the mysterious tall thin fast-talking floppy-haired bloke looking after the museum, and a set of mystical objects brought together to isolate the village and revive The Lord of Winter. It reminded me a bit of The Dark Is Rising, not that I know that particularly well. We will see if it has any further relationship with this season's ongoing plot.

I see GoodReads reviewers complaining about poor editing, but I must say I spotted very few problems with my version downloaded on Friday; perhaps they fixed the issues in the meantime. My own impression was that this was a cut above the usual Who fiction for younger readers, both in imagination and in quality of style, and I was trying to work out who could have written it. But all is revealed on the last page - the author is James Goss, who for my money is the best writer of Who books around at present. I should have guessed.

And yes, Chapter 11 is a little bit sad.
Tags: bookblog 2013, doctor who, doctor who: 11, writer: james goss

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