Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

February Books 13) Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, by Lois McMaster Bujold

Ivan drew a long breath. "Tej. Will you marry me?"
"What?" she said. It wasn't a thrilled sort of what? either, that ought to greet such a proposal, more of a have-you-lost-your-mind? what. Ivan cringed.
This is a very welcome return to familiar territory for Bujold, as the bumbling cousin Ivan Vorpatril of the Vorkosigan sequence of stories finally gets his own narrative, one that includes lots of nods to the books' internal continuity though with new twists to Barrayar's history, perhaps because of the different viewpoint character. It starts off as a damsel-in-distress tale and then turns into a heist story; it's all done tremendously vigorously, and the image of a large building sinking gracefully into the ground will stay with me for a while. I think this would be a good starter book for those have not yet read any Bujold, and as a convinced fan, I loved it.

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