March 5th, 2021


Whoniversaries 5 March

i) births and deaths

5 March 1932: birth of Gertan Kauber, who played the dimly seen galley-master in the story we now call The Romans (First Doctor, 1965) and Ola in The Macra Terror (Second Doctor, 1967)

5 March 1972: birth of James Moran, writer of The Fires of Pompeii (Tenth Doctor, 2008) and the Torchwood episode Sleeper (2008); co-writer of Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Three (2009).

5 March 1974: birth of Matt Lucas, who played Nardole in the Twelfth Doctor era.

5 March 2012: death of Philip Madoc, who was Brockley in Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD (Movie 1966), Eelek in The Krotons (Second Doctor, 1968-9), the War Lord in The War Games (Second Doctor, 1969), Solon in The Brain of Morbius (Fourth Doctor, 1976), and Fenner in The Power of Kroll (Fourth Doctor, 1978-9).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

5 March 1966: broadcast of "The Steel Sky", first episode of the story we now call The Ark. The Tardis lands on a vast spaceship inhabited by humans and Monoids; Dodo's cold spreads throughout its inhabitants. First full episode with Dodo, for whom I have an obscure affection.

5 March 1979: broadcast of second episode of The Talons of Weng-Chiang. The Doctor and Jago find a ghost at the theatre; Leela and Litefoot find Mr Sin at the door.

5 March 2008: broadcast of Something Borrowed (Torchwood), the one where Gwen gets married despite an alien pregnancy.

iii) date specified in-universe

5 March 2005: death of Clara Oswald's mother Ellie.

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Friday reading

Titus Alone, by Mervyn Peake
Chasm City, by Alastair Reynolds
Mostly Void, Partially Stars, by Joseph Fink
Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd, by Nick Mason

Last books finished
Goodbye To All That, by Robert Graves
Science Fiction: The Great Years, eds. Carol and Frederik Pohl
The Ministry for the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson
Driving Miss Daisy, by Alfred Uhry
The Unstable Realities of Christopher Priest, by Paul Kincaid

Next books
Sandkings, by George R.R. Martin
Romeinse sporen: het relaas van de Romeinen in de Benelux met 309 vindplaatsen om te bezoeken, by Herman Clerinx

June 2010 books

This is the latest post in a series I started in late 2019, anticipating the twentieth anniversary of my bookblogging which will fall in 2023. Every six-ish days I've been revisiting a month from my recent past, noting work and family developments as well as the books I read in that month. I've found it a pleasantly cathartic process, especially in recent circumstances. If you want to look back at previous entries, they are all tagged under bookblog nostalgia.

My one trip in June 2010 was to a Salzburg Seminar conference in Klingenberg, near Strasbourg in Alsace. Pictures are here; this is the best one of me (getting an interrogative look from Anwar Akhtar).

Edited to add: Oh yeah, this month saw the first Belgian election in which I voted after becoming a citizen. I voted Green for the lower house and Trotskyist for the Senate.

This was also the month of the Bloody Sunday report, back in the days when there was a British prime minister who thought that shooting civilians is sometimes wrong.

On a happier note, the World Cup kicked off and I ran a series of polls on my LJ asking people to predict who would win; and also did some hypothetical number-crunching.

non-fiction 5 (YTD 30)
Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places, by Paul Collier
Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, by Kathryn Harrison
This Is Me, Jack Vance (Or, More Properly, This Is 'I'), by Jack Vance
The Provinces of the Roman Empire, by Theodor Mommsen
The Bloody Sunday Report, Volume I

non-genre 2 (YTD 25)
The Portadown News, by Newton Emerson
Twilight Whispers, by Barbara Delinsky

sf 5 (YTD 45)
Palimpsest, by Catherynne M. Valente
Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd Century America, by Robert Charles Wilson
The God Engines, by John Scalzi
Mother of Plenty, by Colin Greenland
Lud-In-The-Mist, by Hope Mirrlees

Doctor Who 4 (YTD 32, 36 counting comics and non-fiction)
Option Lock, by Justin Richards
The Time Travellers, by Simon Guerrier
Wetworld, by Mark Michalowski
Doctor Who Annual 1971

comics 3 (YTD 7)
Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm, by Kaja and Phil Foglio
The Betrothal of Sontar, edited by Clayton Hickman
Schlock Mercenary: Longshoreman of the Apocalypse, by Howard Tayler

~5,800 pages (YTD 42,900)
5/19 (YTD 34/144) by women (Harrison, Delinsky, Valente, Mirrlees, Foglio)
0/19 (YTD 11/144) by PoC (as far as I know)

The best of these was the first volume of the Bloody Sunday Report, but I'll save analysis of that for a later month. Other very good books were Lud-in-the-mist, by Hope Mirrlees, which you can get here; Palimpsest, by Catherynne Valente, which you can get here (it got my Hugo vote); and Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places, by Paul Collier, which you can get here. I thoroughly bounced off Mother of Plenty, by Colin Greenland; you can get it here.