November 24th, 2020


Whoniversaries 24 November

i) births and deaths:

24 November 1999: death of Hilary Minster, who had two rather minor roles as Thals - Marat in Planet of the Daleks (Third Doctor, 1973) and an unnamed soldier in Genesis of the Daleks (Fourth Doctor, 1975), but is of interest to me as the only person to have been semi-regular character in both Secret Army, where he played Hauptmann Muller, and Allo! Allo!, where he played General von Klinkerhoffen - a high ranking Wehrmacht officer in both cases.

ii) broadcast and webcast anniversaries

24 November 1979: broadcast of first episode of Nightmare of Eden. Two spaceships collide coming out of hyperspace; the Doctor, Romana and K9 start to uncover murky doings with the addictive drug vraxoin.

24 November 2008: broadcast of second episode of The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah's parents sacrifice themselves to prevent the Graske's plan.

24 November 2009: release of fourth episode of Dreamland.

iii) date specified in-universe

24 November 2119: setting of most of Under the Lake / Before the Flood (Twelfth Doctor, 2015) - we are told that the very first section is on 21 November 2119 and then the TARDIS arrives three days later.

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Neil Dreams / An Honest Answer, by Neil Gaiman

Two more short comics from the Neil Gaiman Humble Bundle that I invested in some years back.

Neil Dreams is in fact a compilation of two issues of Rick Veitch's series Rare Bit Fiends, in which he asked well known comics creators to retell their dreams. Both are pretty brief. The second frames of the third pages of each are as follows:

It's as interesting as most cases of people telling you about their dreams, which is to say, not very.

The other short, An Honest Answer and Other Stories, brings together three very brief meditations on the creative process, the first two ("An Honest Answer" and "From Homogenour to Honey") illustrated by Bryan Talbot and the third ("Villanelle") by Dave McKean; this is the second frame of the third.

Brief work which doesn't require much analysis. I normally link to places you can buy these books, but they are not available anywhere.