August 4th, 2020


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Listen to the Moon, by Michael Morpurgo

Second paragraph of third chapter:
Never had it taken so long to row up Tresco Channel, Alfie thought. He was quite sure by now that the girl must be dead, so much so that he could hardly bring himself to look at her. Close to tears all the time, he did not trust himself to speak. He kept catching his father’s eye, then looking away fast. He could not tell him how cold she was in his arms, how still, that she was gone.
A lovely children's book set on the Scilly Islands during the first world war. A young girl is found alive on the shore, but unable to talk. A hospitable family takes her in, but there is hostility from some in the community who think that she is German. Meanwhile the war continues to exact a horrible toll on the islands. No big surprise - the ending is signalled very far in advance - but well told. You can get it here.

This was my top unread book acquired in 2014. Next on that pile is The Inside of the Cup, by the other Winston Churchill.