December 14th, 2019


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Survivants: Anomalies Quantiques, by Leo

Second frame of third page, vol. 1:

There was panic on board, chaos...I took my fate in my own hands.
I grabbed this shuttle and left - full speed, straight ahead.

Second frame of third page, vol. 2:

Tell me what's up, Pam.

This is a spinoff series from the main narrative of Leo's great graphic novel sequence, Les Mondes d'Aldebaran. A group of teenagers are the only survivors of a starship colonisation mission landing on a strange planet; they must grapple with the native fauna, including several different intelligent species of carying degrees of friendliness. As usual the art is gorgeous, and the characters distinctly depicted. I was particularly grabbed by the storyline, which takes an interesting enough if cliched situation and then applies some extra twists; I really wished I had bought all five volumes and not just the first two.

I read the French original which you can get here and here, but there is also an English translation available here and here.

This was my top unread comic in a language other than English. Next in that pile is the three-volume Auguria by Pieter Nuyten.