September 25th, 2019


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In Time, ed. Xanna Eve Chown

Second paragraph of third story ("The Seventh Fanfic", by Mark Clapham):
This last point was causing Bernice some grief, as she kneeled down holding a multi-tool with various wrench-like arms, trying to work out how to apply it to the twisted front wheel of her bicycle. She had twisted the wheel hitting a bump earlier that day, cutting across rough ground by the Advanced Research Department.
This is at present the last book of Bernice Summerfield stories, looking at her life from school to old age; just seven of them, of which the three standouts for me were "The Bunny’s Curse" by Doris V Sutherland (who I previously knew only for her fannish writing), Simon Guerrier’s "Benny and the Grieving Man" and James Goss's "The Death of Hope". Of little use for those who are not already into the continuity, but great fun for those who are. You can get it here.