July 1st, 2019


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I have reached Level 40 on Pokemon Go

Well, I've done it. This morning I received a 50,000 point gift from a friend, evolved a Rattata into a Raticate, and finally spun the Pokestop outside my office to get the last few points to reach Level 40, the top and final level on Pokemon Go. If you don't know what any of this is about, this article in the Guardian is a good intro.

I tracked the last 15 levels by date, and it's straightforward to see how long each level took me:

Date Level

Days since
last level

17-Jun-17 25
25-Aug-17 26 69
23-Oct-17 27 59
21-Apr-18 28 180
15-Jun-18 29 55
5-Jul-18 30 20
18-Jul-18 31 13
30-Jul-18 32 12
15-Aug-18 33 16
3-Sep-18 34 19
30-Sep-18 35 27
15-Oct-18 36 15
24-Nov-18 37 40
11-Jan-19 38 48
12-Apr-19 39 91
13-May-19 39¼ 31
3-Jun-19 39½ 52
16-Jun 39¾ 65
1-Jul-19 40 80

Not sure what explains the almost six-month gap to Level 28 - I guess that was the height of my Duolingo fixation?

Also the last few levels were distinctly slower.

Well, now that I've hit the top level, I don't think I will continue playing it as regularly. There are still fun little side quests that you can do, but I never got into the social aspect; it was something to do in the non-reading parts of my commute. Now I'll go back to Big Finish and maybe find some podcasts instead.