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March 8th, 2019

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:41: RT @nick_gutteridge: Loiseau again makes the very important point that's it's absurd to think EU would actively want to trap UK in the back…
  • Thu, 12:45: RT @GuitarMoog: A serious contender among many thousands of candidates for the title Peak Brexit. The Consultancy firm hired by DFDM Liam…
  • Thu, 12:56: Karen Bradley is speaking to the wrong audience on Northern Ireland https://t.co/yuGhgGbkwX @patrickkmaguire is kin… https://t.co/KLvBuCXtud
  • Thu, 14:36: RT @SJAMcBride: The remarkable thing is that when she came back to the Commons to clarify her remarks, Karen Bradley did not have the polit…
  • Thu, 14:40: “My position and the position of the government is clear” - no it isn’t, because she still hasn’t said that her sta… https://t.co/G4OHpSB854
  • Thu, 17:11: RT @TweetChizone: @Nicole_Cliffe Oh God I can’t even tell this story and not cry. I used to manage an LGBT bookstore, when bookstores were…
  • Thu, 18:18: RT @ivanobp: @nwbrux Oh I think it's quite clear, Nicholas! She's not sorry because she can't see that she's said anything wrong, just that…
  • Thu, 18:23: RT @georgeeaton: A year ago, Amber Rudd said the new registration scheme for EU migrants would be “as easy as setting up an online account…
  • Thu, 19:20: RT @georgeeaton: The facts have always been the same: 1. You need a permanent customs union or the "backstop" to guarantee no hard Irish…
  • Thu, 20:48: RT @JamesKanag: I'm not convinced that the political parties understand where "Middle England/Wales" exists. Analysis indicates Ipswich, Se…
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