December 26th, 2018


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Saga, vol. 8, by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan

Second frame of third chapter:

Bookblogging has been a bit slow of late, partly due to end-of-year exhaustion, but also I have rediscovered Civilisation (for the iPad, in this case) and it's proving as big a temptation as it was when I was last really into it twenty years ago.

Anyway. Nice to get back to the world of Saga, where our protagonists, renuited, are dealing with being exiles on a hsticle world while looking for gynaecological services. Some surprisingly heavy stuff here about abortion, seriously and sensitively approached, with also some more information about what is going on with the supporting cast away from the main timeline. I have got volume 9 as well, and will read it soon but won't write it up until its Hugo status is resolved one way or the other.