December 23rd, 2018


My tweets


My year on social media: Instagram

(Second of six posts: see also traditional media, LinkedIn, Livejournal, Twitter and Facebook.)

My top post on Instagram, with 203 likes (no doubt due to cunning use of hashtags) was my first picture from the London Film and Comic Con in July.

Second most popular, with 90, was a view from the walls of Dubrovnik into the main city from June:

And third, with 88, was a view of the Atomium in the mist a few weeks ago.

I am not an addict of Instagram, but I do enjoy it and have tended to find the atmosphere much more positive than on other social media.

My year on social media: LinkedIn

(Third of six posts: see also traditional media, Instagram, Livejournal, Twitter and Facebook.)

LinkedIn doesn't make it all that easy to assess the impact of your posts, which is one of the reasons I am less active there than on other platforms. However, my most successful post of the year in terms of both likes and views (views only seem to go back a couple of months), and joint top number of comments, was the announcement that I am in the top 40 #EUInfluencers as measured by ZN Consulting and EurActiv.

The second highest number of likes went to Helsingin Sanomat's coverage of my participation in Alex Stubb's campaign (with a better photo than the one they used on the paper's own website).

The second highest number of views went to my gloomy prognosis of the Brexit talks a few days ago.

The equal top number of comments were on my reposting of a Cambridge University Students Union job ad, a discussion which turned into a bit of a virtual reunion.

If LinkedIn made their metrics more transparent and also made information easier to find, I would use it a bit more often. Also it would be nice if I could embed posts here, but I can't.

My year on Livejournal

(Fourth of six posts: see also traditional media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.)

As the tumbleweed grows deafening, I have stayed on LJ, entirely out of inertia. Some time Real Soon Now, I will switch to the Wordpress solution that a lot of other people are using. (yeah, I know, Dreamwidth; it doesn't have several of the features that keep me on LJ, and to be honest the stench of slow decay is detectable there too.)

Six of my LJ posts got six or more comments this year. (Back in the glory days, there would be dozens of posts with more than twenty.) They were, in chronological order:

11 Feb: Best Series Retro Hugo 1943 - 16 comments
17 Feb: Rebecca (1940 film and 1936 novel) - 10 comments
23 Feb: 1943 Retro Hugo for Best Related Work: C.S. Lewis on Paradise Lost, Hamilton’s Mythology - 6 comments
22 Apr: “Antwerp is not ready to elect an Orthodox Jew” - 13 comments (a better-tempered discussion than we had on facebook on the same topic)
29 Jul: Two small Hugo reforms looking for co-sponsors - 9 comments
1 Nov: Fifteen Years of Book Blogging - 8 comments

See you next year, but probably somewhere else.

My year on social media: Twitter

(Fifth of six posts: see also traditional media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Livejournal, and Facebook.)

My most successful tweet of the year, topping the metrics for impressions, engagements, retweets, replies, media views and media engagements was a clip of Frans Timmermans, the First Vice-President of the European Commission, laying into Nigel Farage:

My most liked Tweet was a report from Peter Capaldi's Q&A at London Film and Comic Con, where, in case I didn't mention it, I had a great time. This also had the most hashtag clicks and detail expands of any Tweet this year:

The Tweet that got me the most clicks through to my own user profile was, perhaps not surprisingly, the one in which I recommended a lot of other people more famous than me:

The Tweet with the most URL clickthroughs was my LJ post about the leaked Boundary Commission proposals in January:

The Tweet with the most permalink clicks (due to the peculiar tweeting style of the person I was arguing with) was a rather pointless exchange with a Eurosceptic:

The Tweet that got me the most new followers (a glorious five) was this mini-thread about how Brexit could have gone differently:

I used to use a proprietary sevice for analysing the impact of my Tweets, but it went out of business, possibly because Twitter's own analytics are rather good.

My year on social media: Facebook

The last of six posts about my media and social media profile this year (previously: traditional media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Livejournal, Twitter).

Facebook remains dominant among my social group, despite its well-publicised problems and issues. It takes some effort to delve into the metrics to find the most liked, commented and shared posts of the year, but here they are.

My most shared original content (not that the content was originally mine, but I'm pretty sure that I was the first to post it to Facebook in this form) was this grumpy October post about Boris Johnson and engineering:

My most commented post, with an amazing 170 comments, was this innocent-seeming meme which I linked to in January.

The second highest numebr of comments was on my gloomy post about the future of Brexit this monthL

My most liked post by a long way was about my appearance for the second year in the list of top 40 #EUInfluencers. I think the photo really helped.

The second most liked post was for B's 21st birthday in June.

U's 16th birthday picture, in a locked post from yesterday, is close behind though.

Facebook remains at the top because of its accessibility and dominance. But from the top, the only way is down.