October 23rd, 2018


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Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived - Tales for Future Time Lords, by Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier

Second paragraph of third chapter:
After that terrifying encounter, Adelaide had starlight in her soul. She knew she would follow the Dalek into space - not seeking revenge for the loss of her parents, simply to get out among the stars. Adelaide sacrificed everything to lead the first off-world colony to Mars, leaving her daughter and granddaughter behind on Earth. Heremotional detachment made her a severe and formidable leader.
This is a lovely book produced in time for the new Doctor, celebrating 100 (plus a few more) of the strong women characters of both Old and New Who (Pauline Collins is in it twice, for characters she played 39 years apart). It is gorgeously illustrated by 21 different artists (none of them men, as far as I could tell by the names), with the standout being Valentina Mozzo, also the most frequently used. It would be a great gateway drug to get fans of the Thirteenth Doctor to take an interest in the previous 55 years of the series. Just nice to have on the shelves too. You can get it here.