August 20th, 2018


The 2018 Hugo Awards in detail

The results are here! The stats are here!

  • Closest result of the night was Best Editor Short Form - Lynne M. Thomas and Michael D. Thomas finished just 6 votes ahead of Sheila Williams.
  • Most crushing victory was File 770 for Best Fanzine, 20 votes short of a first-count win, easily getting there on the second count.
  • Missed being on the final ballot by a single nominating vote:
    • Archive of Our Own (Best Related), would have replaced Sleeping with Monsters;
    • C.C. Finlay (Best Editor, Short Form), would have replaced Sheila Williams;
    • Yuko Shimizu (Best Professional Artist), would have replaced Kathleen Jennings;
    • Black Gate (Best Fanzine), would have replaced Rocket Stack Rank.
  • Declined nomination:
    • Best Series - The Broken Earth (N.K. Jemisin);
    • Best Editor Long Form - Liz Gorinsky;
    • Best Professional Artist - Julie Dillon;
    • Best Fancast - Tea and Jeopardy
  • For Best Series, N.K. Jemisin declined for The Broken Earth;
  • the following were ruled ineligible, due to not having added enough to the series since last year:
    • The Expanse,
    • The Craft Sequence,
    • the October Daye books
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Monday reading

Welcome to Night Vale, by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor
The Deer Hunter, by Eric Corner

Last books finished
Nobody's Children, by Kate Orman, Jonathan Blum and Philip Purser-Hallard
The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson
Wroxeter Roman City, by Roger H. White
Fair Trade, by Laura T. Reynolds, Douglas L. Murray and John Wilkinson
Anno Dracula - Dracula Cha Cha Cha, by Kim Newman
Missile Gap, by Charles Stross
Women and Power, by Mary Beard

Next books
Rare Unsigned Copy, by Simon Petrie
The Laertian Gamble, by Robert Sheckley
Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson