June 28th, 2018


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Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch

Second paragraph of third chapter:
Daniela will help me make sense of whatever's happening.
I picked this up early last year when it seemed to have some buzz behind it, but have only now got round to reading it. It's a rather impressively done multiple time-line story. Our protagonist gave up a potentially brilliant academic career for the sake of his relationship with his partner; fifteen years on, his alter ego from a different fork comes to displace him. The parallel universe science is a bit wobbly, and the writing a bit staccato in places, but the central question is well put, of to what extent each of us is the sum of our own experiences. There is a thrilling denouement where the narrator turns out to be literally his own worst enemy, many times over; I felt it was generally well executed. You can get it here.

This was the top unread book that I acquired last year. Next on that list is High-Rise, by J.G. Ballard.