November 6th, 2017


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Antarès, Épisodes 2-6, by Leo

Second frame of third page of each book:

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I got properly hooked by this after reading Épisode 1, and ploughed enthusiastically through the rest of the sequence. I felt that Leo is on top of his game here, balancing the travails of the exploration party (led of course by Kim, who is the heroine of the entire story) with the story of the evil fundamentalist cultists who are trying to assert control over the entire colony and put women like Kim in their place. At the same time the sensawunda is maintained, with the last volume knitting together strands from the Aldébaran and Bételgeuse cycles to reach a pretty satisfying conclusion to Kim's story, all as ever gorgeously illustrated. But I see there is a five-volume spinoff cycle, Survivants, which was completed earlier this year; I guess I'm going to have to read that too.

Incidentally I had not realised that the English translation has some bizarre censorship. As so often, better to read the original if you can.

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