March 3rd, 2017


My television appearances today and tomorrow - #AE17 Northern Ireland Assembly election

I am participating in today's BBC coverage of yesterday's Northern Ireland Assembly election (votes here are counted over the two days after the vote). It looks like the results will be much more interesting than I had anticipated - turnout is up in Nationalist and mixed areas, down in some of the more hardline Unionist areas. Initial indications will start coming through at lunchtime and they think that they may have finished as early as tomorrow lunchtime (which seems to mne optimistic, especially if there are close and contested results.

You can catch me on BBC One Northern Ireland and BBC Parliament from 1.30pm to 6pm:

And again on the same channels from 7pm to 10pm:

And again from 1025pm to 1155pm on BBC One Northern Ireland, from 1035 on BBC Parliament and from 1040 on the BBC News channel:

And finally from 10am to 1pm tomorrow, on BBC Two Northern Ireland and BBC Parliament

If you are watching, I'll give you a special wave!